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Hello dear e-traveller, and welcome to my humble, yet salubrious, e-bode… The House of Reed. Simply stroll through the rooms above to discover everything you’ve ever wanted to know (or more likely not) about Josh Reed… filmmaker, artist, philanthropist, self-aggrandiser.

Joshua S Reed Esq.

I’m a writer, director, animator and doe-eyed lover of all things transgressive. I’m Australian, although I was born in Islington, within earshot of the Bow Bells, so technically I’m a Cockney. I sprang from my mother’s loins a Pisces, but changed my star sign to Taurus because it’s tougher. I weigh 60 something kilos and am 177.5cm tall. I used to be 178cm but lost half a centimetre when I broke my back, crushing my T12 vertebra. I've also had a kidney transplant, so I choose to believe I can't be killed. No one's proven me wrong yet.

But back to film.

I love film. I love the way it looks and moves and tells stories, I love its innate profanity and elusive potential for the sublime. I love that film embraces every other art form and treats them so shabbily.

And I operate on one very simple conviction: that films are better when people die.



Known Associates

Known Associates is the Film and TV production company run by Rob Gibson and myself. We have a number of film and television properties across numerous genres and in various stages of development, all with a strong individual flavour and solid international outlook.

For more information, check out Known-Associates.com

MGM has roaring felines, Universal has the whole planet (still not quite universal though, is it fellas?), and Fox has deco and searchlights. We’ve got gambling and guns.


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