We’re Not Here to Fuck Spiders is my second feature, currently in post-production. It’s a micro-budget, found footage crime film, or Found Noir as I like to call it.

The premise: someone’s broken into an ice dealer’s house and rigged it with hidden cameras, for reasons that gradually become clear. The whole film is drawn from footage from those cameras.

To make it, we rigged a house with cameras and improvised the film, in sequence, across a week. The actors didn’t know the story going into it, they only knew their characters, what their characters knew, and how they interrelated with the other characters.

It stars Lindsay Farris (Ash vs. Evil Dead, Primal), Stephanie King (Observance, The Code) and a bunch of other supremely talented people.

We intend to have it ready for the festival circuit later in 2019. Stay tuned.